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In Stage Dive you are a member of the band THE FOOL'S.

Energetic KevinMesmerising Alfredo

Take the rolls of either Kevin the little punk singer or Alfredo the straight-faced glitter keyboardist as they fight for the favor of the crowd!

Give your best performance and gather the audience in front of you to be the first to make the STAGE DIVE!!!
Recommended browser: Chrome

How the game looks

To perform you have to press the ARROW keys or the corresponding WASD keys that are shown in the circles when they reach the center of your speaker. If its a hit it turns into a music note & flies away and should you miss it turns into a ";&?#!*" and  drops down to the crowd.
(If the top & bottom arrow are the same you just need to hit the direction once ;) )
The crowd moves towards your side as you play good and away you as play bad so make no mistakes! 

When the challenge is up
Whoever gets the crowd over to their side gets the chance to win indicated by the lights gong of in the middle.

This tree is on FIiiIIiIiIeEEeeEeEEeRRRrRRr!!!!But beware that triggers the  final dope challenge! (activate it with your trigger button shown on the menu)
Do not miss a single circle during the challenge! 

In between your normal game play you get tested if you have MANNERS:

What's the dialog option?
While playing two dialog fields will appear on top of each other between the speakers, and only one of them is a polite cheer to the crowd.

Making the choice

To cheer on the crowd you have to hit only upper or lower direction on the following special white arrows pair.

Giddy up to a stage dive! (= Lets go jump of a stage!)

Kevin Dive Alfredo FlipKevin Dive Alfredo FlipKevin Dive Alfredo Flip

The Giddy ups:

The Hackers:

Jonas Schaltegger
Martin Proprentner
Isopp Alexander

The DJ:

Christof Karisch

The Moving Things:

Natascha Rauscher

The Creative Minds:

Jonas Schaltegger
Isopp Alexander
Natascha Rauscher

The Team

Martin, Christof, Natascha, Jonas, Alexander

Special thanks for the most game-fliping bug (Alt GR+ Arrowkeys):
Ozana Nemcnin <3

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